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Our Core Values



We are in the customer service business

...and we know that people do business with people they trust and respect.  Honesty and fairness matters.

Everything  that we do is focused on being worthy of our client's and partner's  trust and respect. That in a nutshell is what drives and guides everything that we do.

We have earned the complete trust of our clients by practicing what we preach.  Their trust in us is exhibited by the ever increasing scope of services they look to us for.  

For us, one truth stands above all others:   what is best for our client is what is best for us if we are focused on developing and maintaining business relationships that will last for decades and that is exactly what our goal is with every company or individual that we have the privilege of working with.  

Looking for a partner you can both respect and trust?   Call us and let's talk about your business.

Are you someone or a firm that our customers could benefit from knowing and working with?  Call us and let's talk.

We are always looking for ways to make new friends.

Our Future...And Yours



We believe that Additive Manufacturing/3D printing is quickly becoming a game-changer for businesses throughout the globe. That is why this new consultancy has been established.  

Our parent firm, The Talburt Group, Inc., has worked with firms around the globe since 1983 as they thought about their business strategy and operations and what they could do to make their future more profitable and more secure. New technology has always been important; some literally change the entire business environment forever. 

We have been watching developments in the worlds of 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing since the 1980's . If your company has not been paying attention to this technology, it's time to do so. If you have been paying attention, it is time to start implementing additive manufacturing in your company. If you use or sell anything that you can physically touch or hold, this technology is going to affect your business and it will do so sooner rather than later. 

Our job is to help you understand what is here now, what is coming, and how you can implement and use this new technology in your business to increase your profits and better serve your clients.

 The challenge with new technology is not just being able to see the potential, but also being able to match investments in new technology with the actual maturity of the technology. Move too early and you can waste a lot of money and other critical resources. Move too late and you will find yourself at a competitive disadvantage versus your competitors.

 Our parent firm worked with many successful businesses when the first personal computer was released and helped their clients understood why business would never be the same. They were also in business in the early days of the internet and advised their clients on what to pay attention to and when to act.  Those that did profited.

Would you like some help understanding how this technology can help you both protect and build your profitability? 

Our Approach To 3D Printing



First and foremost, we are a team player and we strive every day to  help our customers, to our partners, our associates, and also to our vendors  grow their businesses and profits.  

The owner of this firm learned many years ago that the key to delivering the best results is not trying to do it all yourself.  The truth is that no single firm can do it all and do it all well regardless of its size.  That is why we deliberately partner with other firms and individuals who are the best at what they do why we treat them as they valued resources that they are.  The benefits of that approach become very clear when our customer needs help and we then need to call on the help of one of our partners, associates, or vendors.

 We view our role to be very similar to the role that a general contractor plays when a new building is being built.  It is our job to help you figure out what is truly going to work best for your business (which 3D printer and associated processes and related systems) and then assemble and manage a team of experts to get the job done on budget, on time, and in a way that we and our client can take pride in.  

One of our key differentiators is that we do not sell 3D printers ourselves.  Our business is consulting on 3D printers; not selling them.  This was a deliberate decision and one that matters a lot to you.  Some 3D printer manufacturers sell direct and some sell through authorized resellers.  The problem with this from the perspective of a company that is looking to purchase a 3D printer is that each company that produces 3D printers and each 3D printer reseller that you will talk with has a very deeply vested interest in convincing you to purchase their printer as they only make money if you purchase the printer line/manufacturer they represent or work for.  That is a problem that we do not have as our profitability model is based on consulting revenues and not printer sales.

Our belief is that our clients should end up with the 3D printer and associated systems and processes that will work best in their business.   

As a consulting firm that works well with others, we also offer you the opportunity to work with a team comprised of  "the best of the best."  It takes more than just someone or a firm that knows a lot about a specific 3D printer to implement 3D printing into a business.  You will also need the assistance of other experts with expertise in areas like CAD with 3D printing in mind, materials science, shop floor integration of this new technology, and much more.  You will also want on-going advice and help keeping current as what is possible changes as the field of 3D printing grows and expands.  

 We realized all of this this a long time ago and is why our approach is to find the best fit for our client when it comes to a 3D printer that they end up purchasing...and then work directly with the manufacturer of that 3D printer or with a reseller that knows that system like the back of their hand and also introduce other firms and professionals to our clients that are experts in their fields for all of the other things that are required for a successful implementation of 3D printing into any business.  This is also why how we treat and work with others matters to you.  When you hire us, you get a single point of contact backed by a team of experts that will work together as  a true team to the job done.

Out commitment to you is that we will we make sure that we keep up to date on what is currently available in the 3D printing industry, what new things are being worked on, and make sure that we have and maintain a clear understanding of how it all fits together so that we can help you manage the entire selection, implementation, and use processes related to 3D printing.  

Do you want to implement 3D printing in your business the right way?

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