It is an Investment; not a hobby.


Investing in new technology does not always lead to actually making money from that technology.  The key is to invest in the right things at the right time.

The owner of this firm has worked with the owners, C-suite executives, and leadership teams at several hundred manufacturing companies and distributors located around the globe as a management consultant for over 35 years  and understands that the purpose of a business is to make money.  This is also the 15th successful business that he has personally owned, so he knows what it takes to profitably grow a business by producing and delivering products and services that other businesses and individuals want to purchase from you at a price that you can make money on.  The only smart investments that you can make in your business are ones that help you do that and if an investment in Additive Printing is not going to have a ROI that is both material, quantifiable, and believable, then it is not worth making.

 We also understand the business of manufacturing.  Want to talk about MRP?  Shop Floor Control?  Tooling?  Factory layout?  Lean manufacturing? We can do that as we understand what it actually takes to make something rather than just talk about the costs associated with that.  This knowledge and experience is combined with a good understanding of the details, problems with, and opportunities associated with Additive printing will make us a valuable resource when it comes time to evaluate your current manufacturing processes in light of what would need to change if you transition part or all of your current manufacturing operations to an Additive printing way of producing those same things.  One other thing you will want to know about are all of the things that you can do using Additive Manufacturing that are just not possible using legacy methods of manufacturing.

And then there is the dollars-based part of the technology...

The economics of Additive printing include, but are not always limited to the following:

  • The cost of reevaluating your existing business processes in light of what is possible with Additive printing.
  • The cost of the 3D printer.
  • The cost of additional equipment that might be needed to take the product that is produced by the 3D printer to one that you can actually sell or use.
  • Initial installation and setup of the printer.
  • The cost of the training on how to use the printer.
  • The cost of analyzing existing CAD drawings that you intend to export to a STL file which can be used by a 3D printer.  Sometimes the export and related conversion does not go as planned initially.
  • The cost of the raw materials you use in the printing process (they will likely not be consumed in the forms you are used to).
  • The associated maintenance costs.
  • The costs associated with planned obsolescence (product expected life span and the time that may pass before your printer is technologically obsolete may not be the same thing).
  • And many more.

The key is to make sure you understand and plan for ALL of the costs before you do your ROI analysis at the beginning of the process so that you end up at the end of the process with the financial results  the investment in this technology was based on when you started the process.  We can help you with this.

Additive printing when properly implemented into your business can prove to be a very smart investment.  We would love the opportunity to show you how you might benefit from it and then work with you to convert the possibility of additional profits into actual dollars in your bank account.

Looking for a partner to work with who understands both 3D Printing and business?