Understanding the Opportunities and Problems


The first thing we do with our clients is help them gain a good understanding of what the issues and opportunities are likely to be related to implementing Additive Manufacturing into their business and industry.  

What you do not know can hurt you.

Rethinking your business with Additive printing in Mind


This area of our consulting practice is focused on helping our clients evaluate the pros and cons of implementing 3D printing in their business.  We help you ask and answer the questions that really matter.  Questions like:

  1. Which of your products does it actually makes sense for you to produce using Additive printing and why?
  2. What are the realistic total costs associated with implementing Additive printing in your business?
  3. If you decide to start the process, how do you make sure you end up with something that actually works for you rather than a bunch of excuses for why it does not?

We can help you know more so you have to guess less.

Selecting the right 3D printing Solution for your business


New 3D printers and companies that develop and sell them are being added to the marketplace every day.  Unless you focus your time and attention mostly on this new technology, it will be very hard for you to keep up with it all.  That is our job.

We are in constant contact with the companies that sell 3D printers and the subject-matter experts and researchers that are working on even newer and better ways of creating machines and materials that can allow you to create and offer products to your customers in ways that you could only dream of before.

We do not sell 3D printers, but we certainly can help you figure out what printing systems would likely work best in your business.  We will then rather refer you to one of our partners that sell, implement, support, and work with the specific 3D printing system that you need and do that as the primary focus of their business.

We build teams that deliver results that no single company ever could on their own.

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