What Can Be Printed



This is where it all started and is the most mature part of the Additive printing industry.  If you work with or in plastics, Additive printing will likely provide you with new opportunities to produce things that are made out of any plastic in ways that are more cost-effective and do so more quickly that you could before.  Prototypes are just the start.



Aluminum alloys, Stainless Steel and tool steel, Titanium alloys, Cobalt Chrome superalloys, Nickel superalloys, and Precious metals can all be used as materials in Additive printing.    Recent technology breakthroughs now make Additive printing more attractive in many ways than producing things made of with metal the way you always have.

Carbon Fibre and Composites


If what you want to make requires exceptional strength, durability, or other characteristics that only comes from a combination of multiple raw materials, specific capabilities of the latest Additive printing printers, materials, and processes offer ways to help you create better products more quickly and at less cost.

Microscale and Nanoscale 3D Printing


Small is a big deal.  Recent developments in Microscale and Nano 3D printing are allowing people and businesses to make things that are so small that you need a microscope to see them.  The implications for product development and production are significant.

Kidneys, Corneas, and Skin


The future literally is today.  Advances in this area of 3d printing will change your life and every aspect of how medical care is delivered and how disease is treated.

Coming Soon


You have heard about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.  The third leg of the future is 3d printing.  

In 2011 there was a TED Talk about how a 3D-printed kidney could change the world.  At SXWS in Austin on March 12, 2019 the surgeon who used 3D printing to complete a world-first, life saving operation on a young mother.  The future is now.

Medicine is not the only business model that is being completely remade as you read this; your is also.

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